Security & Telecom Services in High-Risk Markets


Technology-Based Security Solutions & Services

Orion Group provides a wide variety of security and telecom applications, products and services at cost-effective prices. The company provides sophisticated security technology supporting a wide variety of perimeter, facility and personnel safety solutions in high-risk situations, as well as advanced telecommunications products and applications designed to bring world-class voice, data and video services to remote and rural areas of emerging markets worldwide. Read More ►


Featured Security Products:

A turnkey solution to supporting housing, workspace, telecom and security requirements in remote and hostile environments. The SMF can be rapidly deployed to sites virtually anywhere in the world… Read More ►
SITE MAST-R system is designed to support site security, safety and telecom needs by providing remote video surveillance, perimeter security, personnel status, asset tracking and communications to virtually any high-risk location in the world via the Internet. Read More ►

is a rapidly deployed integrated perimeter security device that includes a wireless mesh interconnection, wireless data transport platform, multiple sensors, and a number of ‘add-on’ modules… Read More ►
RAPID-NET The systems are used to support first responders and follow-up agencies in mitigating the effects of natural or manmade disasters by providing wide-area wireless broadband voice, high-speed data and video services… Read More ►